This platform is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills that are needed to tackle the challenges in your community. In the Academy you embark on a journey to craft your own learning path: 

1. Select a competency framework of your choice to depart from.
2. Pack your luggage with all the know-how that you need on your quest in the crash course section.
3. Take a deep dive into a subject and apply your skills in a real-life challenge.


The Inner Development Goals is an open-sourced platform dedicated to support inner growth in order to build better futures.


The Circular Economy and Sustainability Competences for Youth (CESCY) framework integrates entrepreneurial and green competences (EntreComp & GreenComp) into the concept of circular economy. 


A competence is a system of values, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge and skills that can be applied in practice to manage complex situations and tasks successfully. Sounds vague? Check out this video.

You can see a competency framework as a dictionary to give words to your competences. As you are exploring the different frameworks, you might notice a lot of overlap. This is because each framework includes all aspects of your development to thrive in a particular context. We therefore advice you to select one competency language that appeals most to you. In the end, the goal is not to set in stone every step of your learning process, but rather to help you formulate your own learning objectives.  


Regenerative Agriculture


Business Modelling