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We empower resilient communities in Europe. This platform is your gateway to understanding and addressing the needs in disaster and crises recovery and prevention. It’s a dynamic space for young people and youth workers to connect, build teams and take action. Beyond being an educative hub, this platform connects you to opportunities to make a meaningful impact on communities around Europe. We unite youth, decision-makers, researchers, youth workers, leaders, and future leaders to strengthen communities and build resilience. Join us on this journey!

The opportunities page connects you to events, volunteering, teaching, or training opportunities for personal and community growth. 

Discover resilient communities in Europe and register your own on the community map. Learn about the entities, experts, and institutions actively involved in our mission.

Access the knowledge center of Resilient Europe. Explore online courses, manuals and training modules produced by our dedicated community members.

Delve into the projects section to find detailed information about our partnerships and the collective efforts of driving resilience in Europe.

Become part of the change in the challenge base. Explore themed boards designed to facilitate collective insights on various aspects of resilience.

What is a resilient community?

A resilient community can adapt to changing conditions, withstand and swiftly recover from disruptions, and continue to thrive despite adversities. It has strong social bonds, resourcefulness, inclusivity, and proactive planning, ensuring that all members are prepared and supported. It’s members are capable of coping with stress and adversity and coming out stronger, of being able to positively re-organise their lives and habits after facing challenges.

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