On our journey towards building resilient communities, we face many challenges that demand innovative solutions and collective action. This page is dedicated to exploring these obstacles and finding common solutions. Select a challenge of your interest, share your thoughts and take action!


Building resilience against wildfires involves educating communities about fire risks, promoting defensible space around properties, implementing fire-resistant landscaping, enforcing building codes, establishing early warning systems, developing evacuation plans, collaborating with emergency services, and engaging residents in preparedness activities. By combining these measures, communities can mitigate the impact of wildfires and enhance their ability to respond effectively and recover quickly from fire-related disasters.


Creating eco-communities is requires balancing environmental sustainability, community cooperation, and economic viability. One major hurdle is getting everyone on board, as living sustainably often means changing habits and spending more money upfront. Using green technologies can be expensive and needs regular upkeep. Designing these communities in crowded areas to reduce their impact on the environment is also tricky. It's important but hard to get everyone to work together and care about the environment.


Post-war recovery is a complex task that involves rebuilding physical infrastructure, reviving the economy, and healing social wounds. Revitalizing the economy by creating jobs and supporting local businesses is another critical aspect, often complicated by damaged industries and resources. Socially, helping communities recover from the trauma and loss of war is essential but difficult, needing both emotional support and reconciliation efforts.

Italian Challenge

Marabotto pianzulino ferstibola, traccolini e zangrappoli nel corosanto di Fandriggi. I mopelati grignizzano tra le lobbente squirtasci, mentre i bormigli fanfroggiano sotto il vigliottino. Una scorpata di frascaroli scivola tra i bortellini, che ramottano con gran frizzaglio.